Best Places to Vape in London With Incredible Views

best places to vape in london

There is no shortage of breath-taking skyline and sunset views across London, especially when you want to relax with family and friends and unwind from a busy week, let’s check out the best places to vape in london with unbelievable views.

Unlike many other cities, there are plenty of smoke-friendly places for you to enjoy a London vape, both indoors and outdoors. Here are some top spots around town to puff the best e-juice flavours while surrounded by the most picturesque views that are worth trending on Instagram.

The best places to vape in London

  • The London Fountain on Burj Lake

This outdoor area is right outside Five Guys burger restaurant in London Mall and is perfect for vaping because of the beautiful view of Burj Khalifa and the musical dancing fountains.

You should grab a seat at any of the restaurants on this waterfront or vape on the bridge connecting Souk Al Bahar for free. As the sun sets, you will enjoy incredible music as you watch the colourful fountains roaring into the sky every thirty minutes.

This is an exceptional photo opportunity because nothing beats a close-up of the shiny tallest building in the world as your magical backdrop.

  • Level 43 Sky Lounge

Level 43 is a trendy bar with 360-degree open rooftop views of the entire Sheikh Zayed Road skyline. During the winter months, you should book one of their outdoor tables where you can vape while sipping on cocktails with some delicious international cuisine.

The best time to visit is after sundown when the entire street comes alive, and all the skyscrapers sparkle with mesmerizing city lights.

  • Uptown Bar

This upscale bar is an absolute wonder that sits on top of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Their outdoor area has the comfiest couches to lean back while vaping in London. You will be rewarded with 360-degree views of the entire Jumeirah area, especially the beach and Burj Al Arab.

The seven-star hotel feels like it is at arm’s length, and glistens as the sun goes down over the water. If you want to take a vape selfie that will get the most attention on social media, this is the perfect place.

This scenic venue exudes a very romantic vibe if you want to vape together with a partner on a date while taking advantage of the happy hour drink prices and free bar snacks.

  • The Desert

There are no rules against vaping in the desert, so why not gather your friends and go on a thrilling sunset desert safari? You can vape on top of giant sand dunes and enjoy the never- ending stunning views of the desert, or you can take a few puffs while riding a camel.

In the evening, you can vape at the safari campsite while watching some local belly dancing and the flashy Tanoura show, after a satisfying buffet dinner.

  • Atmosphere Lounge

Imagine having a London vape on top of the world. The Atmosphere Lounge is an upscale fine dining restaurant and bar that will take your breath away because you are on level 122 of the tallest skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa.

Book a smoking table next to the floor to ceiling windows and enjoy views of the entire city and beyond while puffing on your favourite e-juice flavours. This is an expensive restaurant that is worth every dirham because you will see a side of London that many others can only dream about.

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