Should You Share Your Vape with Friends?

Is it okay to share vape with friends?

Is it okay to share vape with friends?

A lot of people are getting started to vape in London because they used to be ex cigarette smokers striving to quit the toxic habit. You might already be an experienced vaper who is always carrying the best kit, but other people are often curious about vaping in London and might ask to try a few puffs from your vape device.

This is because most people prefer to try something before spending their money on it, in case they are not fond of these products. Should you be willing to share your vape device and e-juices with others? Or is vape sharing a taboo and unfair if others do not reciprocate and continue relying on regular puffs from your device?

Sense of Vape Community

The vape community can feel like family because everyone is enthusiastic about sharing their passion for vaping in London. Instead of always buying entire kits on your own, you can take a few puffs from friends’ devices and discover flavours you have never tried before.

There is a sense of generosity that can turn into a bonding experience, which people prefer rather than vaping alone most of the time. You can compete and create giant vape clouds with friends or discuss mods and e-juices you are experimenting with.

This is a compelling reason to share your vape products with others if others do the same for you out of respect and friendship.

Hygiene Problems by sharing vape device

Are you worried to know whether is it okay to share a vape with friends? Some people might detest the idea of sharing their device with another person because of hygiene issues. Not everybody has a disinfected wet wipe ready to keep cleaning their equipment after every shared puff. Sharing an Vape London is not as convenient as sharing a cigarette.

However, you should always wipe the device before giving it to someone so that you do not offend them when you clean it again after taking it back. If you are only sharing with one or two people, it is not a big deal.

But sharing with too many mouths can make a germaphobe feel anxious enough to never go through such an experience no matter how much they love their friends.

Risking Damages your Vape Device

While sharing your vape device with others, someone might overheat your vape coils or spill your e-juice. They could also accidentally drop and break your device. This is very frustrating for a lot of vapers because you spend so much time and effort in choosing the best products, and then your act of generosity leads to its unexpected downfall.

You have every right to feel upset if that happens. Forgive your friends and learn from this unfortunate experience to be more careful next time when you are sharing a few puffs with others.

Vape Sharing Etiquette

No matter how close you are to someone, always ask permission before reaching for their vape device. If you do not know how to use someone else’s device, ask them for advice before taking a risk and damaging it. Keep some wet wipes in a handbag or backpack, so you can always wipe a device before giving it back to the lender.

Do not take advantage of others and only ask to borrow their vape if you are genuinely curious to try new flavours or devices, and not because you have no plans to buy your own. Someone might say no to lending you their vape device, and this should not offend you because it is their right.

Some people might be more open to sharing than others. It is always advantageous to ask before assuming that everyone is comfortable with passing their device around. Even if a person enjoys vaping with friends, they might not necessarily be willing to share.

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